Monday, February 16, 2004

Actress Jan Miner dies

I just saw on my homepage where actress Jan Miner passed away Sunday age at the age of 86. I was, of course, exposed to Ms. Miner in my formative years from her appearances in television's Palmolive commercials where she played Madge the manicurist ("You're soaking in it!").

But this is sort of doing her a small disservice. Miner was an accomplished stage actress, and more importantly enjoyed a long career on radio, with featured roles in Boston Blackie, Radio City Playhouse, and Casey, Crime Photographer (she played the part of reporter of Ann Williams in a live television version of this radio chestnut on CBS-TV in 1951-52). She was also part of the fine group of New York radio actors who often worked shows like The Mysterious Traveler and Dimension X, and—I guess this is only natural—had featured roles in daytime dramas like Hilltop House, Lora Lawton, Perry Mason, and The Second Mrs. Burton. Her movie roles include bit parts in films like The Swimmer (1968; one of my very favorites), Lenny (1974), and Mermaids (1990).

R.I.P., Jan. You will be missed.

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