Friday, March 26, 2004

Raiders of the Lost Archive

Wayne Boenig, who maintains the excellent Marx Brothers on Radio website points out on the OTR Digest an interesting article on the history of Pabst Blue Beer. The article mentions that while cleaning up the former Pabst Brewing Company headquarters, a lot of memorabilia was discovered--promotional photos of Groucho Marx, Danny Kaye, Jimmy Durante and Donald O'Connor, who were all sponsored by Pabst during the Golden Age of Radio.

But the really big news is that someone has discovered some electronic transcription discs labeled only as "Danny Kaye," which sounds like some of his shows from 1945-46 have turned up. Wayne says the woman in charge of the clean-up is very interested in the historical value of the ET's, and would be very amenable to turning them over to, say, the First Generation Radio Archives. If you read the article, you can also download an mp3 of Pabst Blue Ribbon Town, a February 5, 1944 broadcast starring Groucho and featuring guest Gene Tierney.

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