Thursday, April 12, 2007

“Powerful tiny fists…”

Apologies to all for having neglected the blog this long, but I’ve been kind of taking advantage of my three-days-off occurring in the middle of the week this time ‘round to work on outside projects…and for some odd reason, spending every free moment in front of the DVD player watching what can only be called a Scrubs marathon.  Even though I don’t watch the series on a regular basis as I once did, I have been dutifully purchasing the season-by-season box sets…and after sampling a two-hour mini-marathon last Saturday (while at Sister Kat’s) on the Comedy Channel I thought I would bring myself up to speed with the goings-on at Sacred Heart Hospital.

When Scrubs first premiered in the fall of 2001, I counted myself one of the sitcom’s biggest fans—I liked the show’s sharp, witty dialogue and its frequent forays into the absurd (something, I remember reading reviews at the time, the critics did not particularly care for).  But for some odd reason, the show was sort of the red-headed stepchild in NBC’s comedy lineup, never earning the accolades of a show like, Friends, for example.  I’m glad to see that with each passing season, the sitcom has finally gotten a little respect (winning a coveted Peabody award this month).  Scrubs’ strengths include its expert blend of comedy and pathos and fast pacing, not to mention its superb ensemble cast—not only the major players but its backup team of utility actors as well.  In the beginning, I tried to get my mother hooked on it but I think the show’s MTV-style gaggery has a tendency to go over her head.  Still, I have not given up hope—her favorite television hunk, Christopher Meloni (from Law & Order: SVU), guest stars in “My White Whale,” an episode from the third season and I plan to unspool this one for her when she gets back from her business trip this Saturday.

The only sand-in-the-crankcase during my Scrubs marathon is that the first disc in the Complete Fourth Season set has a big honkin’ scratch of undetermined origin, effectively keeping me from seeing episodes four through nine.  I will have to rectify this tragedy as soon as possible.

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