Sunday, January 4, 2004

Fate can be awfully cruel sometimes...

In an effort to divert attention from the fact that they're raising our rates again, Comcast, our cable company (which we often refer to as the "Confederation of Weasels" around our house), decided to placate us by adding a few extra channels. We only get one of the new ones since we don't have the expanded package—the Hallmark Channel (formerly known as Odyssey).

Now, although I loathe Comcast and everything they stand for, I was pretty juiced about getting Hallmark because they were the only cable channel (that I know of, anyway) showcasing the old Gunsmoke reruns (the half-hour series from 1955-61, retitled Marshal Dillon) and I was anxious to watch them. (TV Land showed a few ages ago on Saturday afternoons so I've seen one or two of them, but they would always show the same ones over and over again.) I go to the Hallmark Channel website to find out when the next Marshal Dillon will be shown, and apparently they scheduled the last rerun yesterday (January 3). Next Saturday they'll be showcasing endless repeats of Hogan's Heroes and The Beverly Hillbillies.

As I avail myself of a second helping of sour grapes, I placate myself by saying "Well, they're not as good at the radio show broadcasts anyway." It doesn't help much. I can still hear the cosmic forces having a really good chortle at my expense.

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