Wednesday, January 14, 2004

A few odds and ends

Jack French reports on The Old-Time Radio Digest that the hunt for the Missing Massachusetts Man is still going on. I have this feeling that Jack will end up confronting this guy on top of a water tower at an abandoned amusement park, but sometimes those are the lengths one must go to in order to keep OTR alive. He commented that actress Shirley Eggleston described the individual she gave the airchecks to as "a heavy set guy," prompting him to crack "that description would fit 40% of the attendees to any FOTR (Friends of Old-Time Radio) convention."

Barbara J. Watkins also mentioned that Sidney Miller (who has appeared in a few of these Suspense programs I've been reviewing) passed away and that the obituary was in the January 13 edition of the Los Angeles Times. R.I.P, Sidney. (Apparently the L.A. Times does not have a link online.)

BearManor Media will be publishing a sequel to its entertaining It's That Time Again! The New Stories of Old Time Radio, titled (what else?) It's That Time Again, Volume 2. I guess the best way to describe these two books is that they consist of fan fiction (or fanfics) written about various shows from Radio's Golden Age. Volume 2 is edited by the one-and-only Jim Harmon, who's contributed two stories based on Sherlock Holmes and The Avenger, but there are also new stories about Vic and Sade, The Whistler, Nightbeat, My Friend Irma and many, many more. I bought the first book last year and enjoyed it tremendously, so when I found out about the sequel I rushed right over to the website and pre-ordered a copy.

Another book I pre-ordered is from "Missing Massachusetts Man" chaser Jack French, whose book on female detectives of OTR, Private Eyelashes, will be due out February 14--you can order this as well at BearManor Media. From the advance publicity, it sounds like a must-have for any OTR fan's library, detailing the history of many shows that have not been fortunate to survive the ravages of time for us to enjoy today. 

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