Friday, November 28, 2003

"Fred C. Dobbs don't say nothin' he don't mean..."

If I may be allowed to stray off the path of old-time radio for just a second, I received my 2-DVD copy of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre in the mail today.

I've really been impressed with some of the films that Warner Video has been releasing to DVD as of late, because they've been doing a bang-up job with the packaging. This DVD set showcases Sierra Madre in sort of "A Night at the Movies" format -- you start off with a theatrical trailer (in this case, Bogart's Key Largo), a newsreel, a comedy short (the delightful So You Want to Be a Detective starring George Hanlon as Joe McDoakes), a cartoon (Bugs Bunny in Hot Cross Bunny), and then the main feature. I have been preaching for years (and can provide affidavits—from friends and fellow classic movie buffs who are sick and tired of hearing me bitching about it—to back me up) that this sort of thing can and should be presented on DVD; I'm just glad that Warner Video has gotten on the stick.

Also included with the DVDs are a documentary on John Huston, Sierra Madre's director (narrated by Robert Mitchum), a documentary on the making of the film, a trailer gallery of other Bogart films, a classic cartoon (one of my favorite Bugs) 8 Ball Bunny, photos, storyboards, and publicity materials galleries. The pizza de resistance for OTR fans is that the discs include the Lux Radio Theatre broadcast from April 18, 1949 of Sierra Madre with Bogart and Walter Huston recreating their screen roles.

May I also just take a few moments to say "Yowsah!"

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