Friday, November 7, 2003

Reading material

Martin Grams, Jr. is a name easily recognized by OTR buffs, primarily due to his prolific writing of books on the subject of old-time radio--ranging from Cavalcade of America to Suspense to Ellery Queen. (I like to refer to him as "the Issac Asimov of OTR," as testimony to his amazingly voluminous output.) Martin's latest offering is The I Love a Mystery Companion, a endlessly fascinating and exhaustive tome on the history of the classic old-time radio serial I Love a Mystery and its creator, Carlton E. Morse. The program is revered and loved by many an OTR fan, and while I don't always share the enthusiasm for the show I have been finding myself furiously turning the pages and devouring the incredible historical detail and command of facts contained within. (One of Martin's previous books, Inner Sanctum Mysteries: Behind the Creaking Door made me a convert to that program, so there may be hope for me yet.) His next book, Information Please (based on the program of the same name), is due out in December, and I continue to pray that he continues to keep cranking them out.

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