Saturday, November 8, 2003

More reading material

I opened the mailbox early this evening and was overjoyed to find that my copy of Chuck Schaden's Speaking of Radio had arrived.

Chuck is producer and host of Those Were the Days, the long-running program of classic radio broadcasts that premiered in the Chicago area in 1970 and has been airing ever since. Speaking of Radio is a collection of interviews that were conducted by him during Days' long-run, and I can't wait to dig into it. (At the rate I'm devouring the Grams' book, it shouldn't take too long.) Included are interviews with old-time radio greats as Eve Arden (Our Miss Brooks), Jack Benny, Edgar Bergen, Alice Faye and Phil Harris, Harold Peary (The Great Gildersleeve) and many, many more. (We're talkin' one big honkin' book here.)

Chuck was even nice enough to autograph it for me; the inscription reads: "To Ivan--a great radio fan of the good old days." If you are a great radio fan, you owe it to yourself to score a copy.

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