Wednesday, December 10, 2003

"Wake up, America--it's time to stump the experts!"

I had planned to have a couple more Christmas show reviews up today, but I stupidly forgot to bring my Walkman to work with me last night so that project sort of got derailed. Rest assured, I will have something up tomorrow. I didn't forget, strangely enough, to take along my new copy of Martin Grams, Jr.'s latest book, Information Please, which I received in the mail yesterday. A nice, quick and easy read, and it measures up to the usual Grams standards, of course.

Also currently on my reading list is Robert Taylor's Fred Allen: His Life and Wit, a book that I have read before but have rediscovered thanks to a recent purchase on eBay. (My other copy of this book is currently in storage; when I moved back to Savannah in June 2000, I was sort of starved for space and ended up storing a lot of my "stuff" in my father's rented space at a quaint little joint called "Uncle Bob's Storage." So whenever I have something but can't get to it right away I refer to the article as "being held hostage at Uncle Bob's.") A great book on a great man, and a definite must-read. Try to read Fred's Treadmill to Oblivion and Much Ado About Me before tackling the Taylor bio, though.

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