Thursday, April 1, 2004

Operation Regan revealed

I mentioned some time back that I was being kept as busy as the proverbial beaver on a project, the secret nature of which would be revealed at a future time. So here goes—earlier this month, I was contacted via e-mail by Harlan Zinck, Preservation Manager of First Generation Radio Archives, about contributing some liner notes to one of their two new Premiere Collections, which have just been announced today.

My reaction to this request mirrors the famous remark made by actress Ruth Gordon upon accepting her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Rosemary’s Baby: “I can’t tell you how encouragin’ a thing like this is.” The reasons are three-fold: first, I am a vociferous supporter of the simply grand work that First Generation does day after day, month after month, year after year—“preserving radio’s past for the future,” to quote their mission statement—and to be afforded the opportunity to be a part of said mission is one that I am both humbled and honored to accept.

Second, I have had a passion for old-time radio for nearly thirty years now—I love listening to it, collecting it, writing about it (which is the raison d’etre of this blog) and talking about it. I can provide signed affidavits from family and friends—who often make tracks for the nearest exit as I hold forth on the topic—who will attest to this. Allowing me to express my love for The Hobby in any type of forum is a thrill unlike any other.

Finally, to be asked to provide background for these incredible collections places me in heady company—namely because OTR historian Elizabeth McLeod does so as well. There simply are not enough adequate words to convey my admiration for Elizabeth’s writing (I direct you to her Retro-Views columns on Charlie Summers’s website as prima facie evidence of how splendid her efforts can be), and to be granted a chance to participate in an activity in which she has blazed so many of the definitive trails brings a blush to my cheeks and turns my head to boot.

So, if you’re curious—I was assigned to write about Jeff Regan, Investigator, one of two Premiere Collections being released this month and available at a discounted price until April 14th. I can personally vouch for the quality of these programs, having listened to all of the broadcasts—and the most rewarding thing about the entire experience is that I have been asked to contribute again in the future.

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